Juliette has a gun. MMMM. 100ml


At De Nimes we are absolutely hooked on the scents from Juliette has a gun and adore the brands sense of humour.

Juliette has a Gun is a range of 13 scents, each one inspired by a characteristic of Juliette in the Shakespearean drama Romeo and Juliet.  Within the story, this strong character passes through ‘Miss Charming’ to ‘Lady Vengeance’. She is a ‘Romantica’ but at another time a ‘Mad Madame’.  At De Nimes we love this creative and edgy approach to scent and cannot get enough of ‘Juliette has a Gun’.

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Juliette has a gun. MMMM. 100ml

MMMM… I was thinking about this indescribable onomatopoeia when I created the fragrance. Behind that sound, that murmur, pronounced almost internally, lies a world of hidden pleasures that goes beyond words… A gourmand accord of Vanilla and Neroli. An olfactive sweetness that regales the senses and provokes immediate pleasure.

  • Top notes: Raspberry, Geranium, Neroli
  • Heart notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine
  • Bottom notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood
  • Famille olfactive: Oriental flowery gourmand

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